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TCJA Loss Limitation Rules Eased During Pandemic

COVID-19 Tax Relief: TCJA Loss Limitation Rules Are Eased The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act unwinds some of the tax-revenue-generating provisions included in a previous tax law. Here’s a look at how the rules for claiming certain tax losses have been modified to provide businesses and individuals with relief from the financial…

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How to Keep Your Salespeople Focused During COVID-19

Tips to Keep Your Staff Sharp Many dealerships are struggling to keep focus during these unprecedented times while opportunities are currently sporadic. Terry Schwer has some helpful tips to keep your salespeople focused during COVID-19. This includes: maintaining a positive mindset remaining active and sharp create a relaxed and fun environment during these stressful times…

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Will the PPP Loan My Dealership Received be Forgiven?

Will the PPP Loan My Dealership Just Received be Forgiven? Your Dealership just received a loan through the Payroll Protection Program. When the government set up the program, they said these loans could be forgiven under certain conditions. What are those conditions and how can you tell whether you have met them? Per the program,…

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Payroll Protection Program: Interim Final Rule

Payroll Protection Program: Interim Final Rule On April 2, the SBA released an Interim Final Rule (the IRF), which provides much anticipated and requested guidance related to the implementation of the Payroll Protection Program (PPP)—a new program instituted under the CARES Act. While the IRF is considered “interim” and requests public comments over a 30-day…

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CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program Webinar

CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program The recently passed CARES act has a section called the Paycheck Protection Program designed to help mitigate the effect of the current crisis on your employees and your business. Brady Ware’s webinar will discuss how you can take advantage of this significant Federal relief.   [ DOWNLOAD SLIDES ]  

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