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Bonus Depreciation and Your Dealership

Take Advantage of Tax Benefits for Your Dealership’s Projects FY 2019 planning is about to shift into high gear and many of you are wrapping up some FY 2018 projects as you read this. Maybe you have a $3 million store in the works and you’re planning for it right now. Manufacturers may be asking…

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Overtime for Dealership Service Advisors

U.S. Supreme Court Weighs in on Overtime for Dealership Service Advisors The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that car dealership service advisors, whose jobs included selling repair and maintenance services, aren’t eligible to receive overtime. According to the Court, they’re covered by the provision in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that exempts any salesman,…

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Are You Invisible to a Major Segment of Your Market?

How are people finding your dealership? Do you know how people find your dealership? Did they hear about you from a friend? Did they see your ad in the paper? Did they hear a jingle on the radio? Or did they find you online? Chances are it’s the last one. If you answered with any…

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New Tax Law and Your Dealership

Are you doing significant upgrades to your store or building a new store? Are you properly structured to write off the most you can with the new tax law? As we dive deeper into the recent tax law, there are some major changes that will have an influence on your dealership. Under the legislation, floor…

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