For many dealership owners, transitioning a dealership to a new owner can be one of the toughest challenges you face.


We can help you position your dealership in the best possible way to sell and ensure its ongoing operational success. Can you afford to retire if you sell your dealership? Should you transfer your dealership to a family member? If so, can you best minimize estate taxes?

Brady Ware’s Dealership Advisors help you navigate these challenges and develop a plan for dealership succession. Our plan will address ownership succession, management succession, and leadership development, while meeting your personal retirement goals.

Succession is a process not just a plan. We work side by side with you, your family, and your management team from beginning to completion. The end result is a comprehensive succession process that meets your financial, dealership, and personal goals.

Dealership Succession and Estate Planning | Brady Ware Dealership Advisors

We use a 10-step methodology to guide your exit strategy:

Identify your goals as the business owner, including your post-retirement cash needs

Prioritize those goals to ensure they are addressed as needed

Identify and prepare a management successor

Identify an ownership successor, such as a friendly competitor, a family member, a private equity firm, or a key employee

Identify the best method for transferring ownership, with an accurate business valuation in mind

Develop a plan for ownership and management succession, with milestones and measurements built in

Integrate your succession plan with your estate plans

Develop an implementation strategy to ensure a smooth transition

Design a contingency plan

Monitor and adjust the plan as needed


Transferring your wealth can be a sensitive issue.


Transferring your wealth can be a sensitive issue, and it can become frustrating if you receive conflicting advice from family, attorneys, and business advisors.

Brady Ware’s Dealership Advisors understand the complex nature of estate planning, and we serve as your estate planning coordinator to make it manageable. We work with your investment manager, insurance agent, attorney, and when needed, family members to develop an integrated estate plan that minimizes your estate taxes while providing for your beneficiaries in the way you desire.

Estate Planning | Brady Ware Dealership Advisors

Our dealership tax and finance experts help you:

Establish family-limited partnerships that maximize control and flexibility while minimizing estate taxation

Synchronize your estate plans with your business succession plans

Set up gifting programs and charitable gifting strategies

Provide necessary cash flow during your lifetime and that of your spouse

Ensure equitable disposition of family-owned businesses, with an accurate business valuation in mind

Ensure proper use and distribution of life insurance and retirement plans

With careful estate planning, you could save your beneficiaries thousands of dollars or more in estate taxes and court fees. You’ll also provide financial security for you and your spouse during your lifetimes, and for your loved ones thereafter.

We’d love to know more about your dealership and how we can help.

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