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Achieve 100% Fixed Coverage Before the Next Economic Meltdown

Brett Coker discusses the steps your dealership should take to achieve 100% fixed coverage before the next economic meltdown.

Jeff Sacks: Improve Your Dealership’s Profitability

Jeff Sacks’ passion and vision in the industry have helped to improve dealership functionality relating to process improvement strategies, asset and expense controls, computer utilization, management information systems, and more.

Tim Kight: Leadership Culture in Your Dealership

As leadership coach to Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, Tim Kight is renowned for creating leaders, and he wants to help you create leadership culture in your dealership.

NADA Dealership of Tomorrow: 2025

Enjoy the highlights of Glenn Mercer’s NADA Dealership of Tomorrow: 2025 discussion

The Road to the Sale with Jim Ziegler

Jim Ziegler offers practical hands-on advice on how to close more sales (with higher profit).

Jim Ziegler’s 20 Things I’d Change about Your Dealership

Jim Ziegler talks about the top 20 things he’d change today if he bought your dealership.

Secure Automotive Financial Environment

Learn about employee fraud and how to combat it in this informative video.

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